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What is a dacha park?

A dacha is traditionally a country house that serves as a rural retreat for Russians wishing to escape the city to go back to a simpler life at harmony with nature. We want to bring this experience to you in our holiday complex in the depths of the Russian countryside where we invite you to stay in our comfortable, spacious cottages.

Our grounds are located in the Smolensk region, 270km from the centre of Moscow. As well as the cottages, we also offer a wide range of recreational activities.


On our grounds we have several cottages, in modern and traditional Russian styles, situated far enough apart so that you can enjoy the quiet, solitude and tranquillity of the Russian countryside. They can be rented for a short or long period of time. Each cottage contains comfortable bedrooms with double and single beds, a lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and comes with satellite TV and Wi-Fi. Also, each cottage features a hot tub just outside where you can enjoy the view and relax. In winter, our cottages are fully heated; also, they come with a fireplace so you can warm yourself by firelight in the cold evenings.


We offer many immersive activities so that you can make the most of your stay in our complex. If you want to experience the Russian countryside, you can go fishing, or go to the surrounding forest for a walk or to gather berries and mushrooms. We also have facilities for sports – play tennis or volleyball on our courts, or you can go for a bike ride and appreciate the scenery. In winter, you can go skiing or ice skating. We also have a spa-hut with hot baths and a sauna where you can relax.


Yemelyanovo is located in the midst of the beautiful Russian landscape, with many surrounding forests and clear lakes and rivers. It can be accessed easily by car and also by train. We can provide a pick-up service if you arrive by train to the nearest station, if you specify when you book your stay.

Yemelyanovo dacha park is open now. We look forward to seeing you, and please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever method is most convenient for you:

by e-mail: contact@dachapark.ru

by phone: +7 920 66 22 860

skype: dachapark

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